• ● Recommended menu

    • Wagyu beef flour

      Wagyu beef flour

      1680 yen (excluding tax)

      Savory snacks, tomosan kaku, kinomi enjoy menu menu

    • Thick cutting loin

      Thick cutting loin

      1150 yen (excluding tax)
    • Thick cutting brushed

      Thick cutting brushed

      1250 yen (excluding tax)

      Fujisawa shop Popular menu!

    • Thick-cut ribulose

      Thick-cut ribulose

      1780 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a lucky special site when you can eat it

    • Wagyu beefly kainumi

      Wagyu beefly kainumi

      1580 yen (excluding tax)
    • Chateaubriand


      2980 yen (excluding tax)

      Only Kanda shop can eat at this price!

  • ● cattle plow

    • Cow pea (lamp meat)

      Cow pea (lamp meat)

      1580 yen

      If you like red meat is here.Rich taste is the best.

    • Shinshin


      1580 yen

      Please enjoy the delicious flavor of Yakiniku through the sukiyaki ice cream to egg yolk ♪

    • Harami


      980 yen

      Together with Calvi! Kanda Shop proud boast.How about with beer?

    • Cattle thigh (Ichibo meat)

      Cattle thigh (Ichibo meat)

      1580 yen

      Rich flavor of lean and fat spread to chew.

  • ● specialty !! buildup & MIX set

    • Paste set

      Paste set

      1850 yen

      Please know the taste of the shop at Beef Tanger · Harami · Wagyu Bee Calbi · Wagyu Beef loin ♪

    • Beef & Hormone Assortment

      Beef & Hormone Assortment

      1650 yen

      Assorted 2 types of Wagyu Beef · Harami · Hormone

    • Hormone bovine pig Mix height

      Hormone bovine pig Mix height

      1250 yen

      You can enjoy various hormones by leaving the chef.You can convince both quantity and content

    • Slightly priced set

      Slightly priced set

      980 yen

      Wagyu Bee Calbi × 2 · Wagyu Beef loose × 2 · Harami × 2 per person, women are safe and you can enjoy other meat

  • ● beef

    • Ox tongue

      Ox tongue

      1080 yen

      First of all, this is an appetizer of beef tongue! Start from now on ♪ Please enjoy deep kissing with cows.

    • Green onion salt beef tongue

      Green onion salt beef tongue

      1480 yen

      Beef tongue with honorable green onions ☆

    • Thick slice beef tongue

      Thick slice beef tongue

      1480 yen

      First of all this is a gem that boasts of being softer even in hot weather !!

    • Wagyu Calvi

      Wagyu Calvi

      980 yen

      Iron plate menu not compromising quality to compromise Wagyu with excellent umami can be sauce or salt

    • Wagyu Beppy Fall Calvi

      Wagyu Beppy Fall Calvi

      1150 yen

      Taste and thick slices are the best with plenty of grease and thick umami with high ball?

    • Wagyu on Calvi

      Wagyu on Calvi

      1580 yen

      The deliciousness that melts out with fine marbling is unbearable!

    • Four 4 Calvi

      1980 yen

      Top-class rare site Please enjoy mellow flavor and refreshing fat

    • Japanese beef loin

      Japanese beef loin

      980 yen

      The purity of red meat is full of mouth

    • Wagyu beef loose

      Wagyu beef loose

      1580 yen

      Boasting aroma and taste of red meat

    • Garlic Harami

      Garlic Harami

      980 yen / 1080 yen

      If you brag about Harumi as a prideful gurger! Excellent compatibility with inevitable!

    • Special case of Harami

      Special case of Harami

      1780 yen

      Softness · Fat quality is the highest grade of the highest grade Mr. always supreme masterpiece

  • ● pork

    • Tintoro / Gochujang Tontoro

      Tintoro / Gochujang Tontoro

      ¥ 520/620 yen

      Unique flavor of popular products / popular Pork Toro popular taste, flavor, crispness is outstanding! Original gyochujang flavor is also popular.

    • Pork ribs

      Pork ribs

      520 yen

      Pork belly fat Moderate fat and taste Pork ribs of Tappuri with salty taste with good meat taste

    • Gochujang Calvi

      Gochujang Calvi

      620 yen

      I tasted the original pepper sauce taste and tapped pork ribs were seasoned with original pepper sauce.It is dish that the rice advances.

    • pig's feet

      pig's feet

      480 yen

      Plenty of collagen

  • ● cow hormone

    • Upper Mino / Simplotid / Multi-Way

      Upper Mino / Simplotid / Multi-Way

      Each 690 yen

      Cow's stomach.Crunchy chewing / cattle colon.Sweet flavor attached to one side Deep taste inside colicola.How about with beer with salty taste

    • Sinister

      590 yen

      The small intestine of a cow.Turmer and sweet rich fat / cattle pancreas.Soft as fluffy

    • Hatsumoto


      Each 590 yen

      Cow aorta.Exquisite collaboration salty flavor, sweet fat is good flavor and crunchy texture, miso taste as you like

    • Beef Tashita

      Beef Tashita

      Each 590 yen

      Crispy and cleaner taste than cattle tanned beef tongue.Please eat and compare with beef tongue.

  • ● pig hormone

    • Kanda hormone

      Kanda hormone

      590 yen

      Kanda shop proud proud honey If you eat it is this first.It is a popular item with polite undertreatment and good freshness.

    • Kanda garlic hormone

      Kanda garlic hormone

      690 yen

      Please enjoy the synergy effect of umami combined with garlic with signage goods with fine fat and garlic.

    • Soft hormone

      Soft hormone

      490 yen

      Pig's large intestine.To make it easier to eat, pressure is applied after the treatment and it is softened.Also someone who is not good at hormones

    • There are various kinds of hormones of pigs.From Colricoli to Pnipni.Which is your preference?

      There are various kinds of hormones of pigs.From Colricoli to Pnipni.Which is your preference?

      Each 590 yen
  • ● chicken - chicken hormone

    • Chicken thigh

      Chicken thigh

      480 yen

      If you are tired of beef, feel refreshed with chicken meat

    • Takkarubi


      580 yen

      Popular products seasoned with special sweet sauce.There is "Cheese Taccarbie" with cheese together.

    • Gizzard


      Each 480 yen

      Sapphari, cookie with grilled staple of grilled chicken with charcoal!

  • ● Genghis Khan

    • Rums meat

      Rums meat

      890 yen / 1450 yen

      We prepare lamb meat with authentic Genghis Kan with special sauce

    • Add vegetables

      Add vegetables

      Each 180 yen

      Cabbage / green pepper / moisai / shimeji / onion

  • [Sashimi class-Yukke-wrinkle]

    • Yukke / Hatsu sting

      Yukke / Hatsu sting

      1480 yen / 620 yen

      As it is the deliciousness of Wagyu / as a fresh taste

    • Horse sashimi

      980 yen

      Red sting and good stab

    • Semai mashed / pork feet

      Semai mashed / pork feet

      ¥ 620/480 yen

      Third stomach.Colicoli texture with homemade vinegared miso.It is perfect for chopstick break./ Plenty of collagen

    • Seafood dish / Seafood cheese Chijimi

      Seafood dish / Seafood cheese Chijimi

      880 yen / 980 yen

      A lot of seafood equipment

    • Cheese Chijimi / Nirachidimi / Seafood Chijimi

      Cheese Chijimi / Nirachidimi / Seafood Chijimi

      Each 780 yen

      Mochimochi roasted cheese / this is a classic standard !! / The shime of the yakiniku shop is this! Please crispy mochi mochi with your favorite taste ♪

  • [Rice soup, Bowser, noodles, cold noodles]

    • Ishisho bibimbap

      Ishisho bibimbap

      Each 750 yen

      Grilled BBQ Classic Gattsuri Please have a meal here.I am satisfied with my stomach with plentiful ingredients

    • Cheese · Mentaiko plus

      Cheese · Mentaiko plus

      Each 100 yen

      Taste baking bibimbap, if you like Please cheese or mentaiko? It is recommended both.

    • Yukkejang (soup / kupa / ramen)

      Yukkejang (soup / kupa / ramen)

      750 yen / 550 yen / 880 yen

      South Korea classic flavor Spicy stuff Up stamina while slumping soup body.Besides the soup, please also go for koppa and ramen.

    • mixed rice

      650 yen

      A lot of Namul is homemade sauce and Namuru, exquisite rice cooking is addictive once you eat it.

    • Rice small / medium / large

      150 yen / 250 yen / 350 yen
    • Komutan (soup / koopa / ramen)

      Komutan (soup / koopa / ramen)

      Each 750 yen

      Beef bone soup boiled until it got pure white collagen plenty of flavor.I like soup of the royal road, but it is also hard to throw away koppa ramen.

    • Tegutan (soup / kupa / ramen)

      Tegutan (soup / kupa / ramen)

      870 yen each

      Bread spicy soup based on cow bone.Those who want stimulation in Kom Tang are here.Soup, koopa, ramen, at your choice.

    • Soup (egg / vegetable / seaweed)

      Soup (egg / vegetable / seaweed)

      Each 380 yen

      Various soup is perfect for re-opening.Please enjoy polished soup.

    • Cold noodles / spicy spicy noodles

      Cold noodles / spicy spicy noodles

      ¥ 780/500 yen

      Speaking of yakiniku noodle! Corresponding noodles and homemade soup are perfect for sharks after yakiniku.If you like, please also spicy spicy If you'd like to eat a little "there is also a half size.

    • Survivin noodles

      Survivin noodles

      780 yen

      Korean style juice-free cold noodles.A lot of repeaters are one item tied to a special homemade sauce

    • Green onion ramen / hormone yakisoba (sauce or salt)

      500 yen / 680 yen

      Lots of green onion salt ramen / Owner's favorite custom thick noodles were made to collaborate with the hormone that the yakiniku shop delivers with confidence.It is a popular dish like regulars.

    • Yukke Jean Kuppa / Koppa / Hitachi Koppa

      Yukke Jean Kuppa / Koppa / Hitachi Koppa

      ¥ 670 / ¥ 670/500 yen

      Perfect for the size of the dead / fluffy eggs and vegetables cooker

  • [Purport spicy kimchi, snacks]

    • Changer


      Each 450 yen

      Our shop 's changer uses sweet taste plenty.The compatibility between sake and yakiniku is also outstanding.

    • Two points of kimchi (cabbage Kimchi, Kakuteki)

      Two points of kimchi (cabbage Kimchi, Kakuteki)

      650 yen

      (Chinese cabbage · Kakutiki) I understand the level of the roast beef shop in Kimchi.Please try first.

    • Namul Assorted

      Namul Assorted

      650 yen

      Semai, spinach, bean sprouts, radish Assortment Each namulu is homemade.It is one dish of boast.

  • [Grilled vegetables, seafood, other]

    • Assorted vegetables

      Assorted vegetables

      720 yen
    • Whirlpool Shishamo

      Whirlpool Shishamo

      500 yen
    • Garlic butter

      Garlic butter

      480 yen
    • Seasoned / Broiled Eihire

      Seasoned / Broiled Eihire

      ¥ 420/580 yen
    • Two sets of wiener

      Two sets of wiener

      320 yen
    • Green pepper / Ellingi / Onion / Onion green / Cabbage

      Green pepper / Ellingi / Onion / Onion green / Cabbage

      Each 280 yen
    • South Korea seaweed

      South Korea seaweed

      180 yen
  • 【salad】

    • Choregisarada


      Each 620 yen

      Baked meat with classic salad.Special taste and salty you like.

    • Lettuce


      380 yen

      Try rolling special-made miso and rice.To accompany meat.Special meat miso is your choice.

    • Zaku cut cabbage

      Zaku cut cabbage

      380 yen

      (Please choose from sesame salt · miso) Leave the crackling feeling as it is.Please enjoy a special bite size fresh cabbage with special sauce or meat miso."

  • 【dessert】

    • Ice-gelato


      390 yen

      Please check with the clerk for the type of ice.From classic taste to rare ?!

    • Almond jelly

      Almond jelly

      390 yen

      Homemade apricot tofu has a clear aftertaste.It is a popular dish.